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        herc-on-the-go Herc Rentals app now available
        for all Apple and Android tablets and smart phones.


        Herc Rentals Protection Plan

        By accepting our rental protection plan, ProRPP, Herc Rentals will waive 100 percent of the repair/replacement cost of damaged or stolen gear. When you return damaged gear or provide a police report for stolen gear, Herc Rentals will cover the damage and replacement cost - no questions asked. This provides you with a true no worry rental experience.

        Equipment eligible for ProRPP includes:
        Aerial Lawn and Landscape
        Air Compressors Material Handling
        Air Tools Pallet Jacks
        Chain Hoists Plumbing & Mechanical
        Climate Control Portable Lighting
        Compaction Power Generation
        Concrete and Masonry Pressure Washers
        Earthmoving Pumps
        Floor and Surface Prep Remediation
        Not all equipment rented by Herc Rentals is eligible for the ProRPP Program; restrictions & exclusions apply. For more details on restrictions and exclusions:

        Truck and Trailer Rental Protection

        Don’t get stuck with a big bill. Purchase Truck and Trailer rental protection the next time you rent trucks and trailers from Herc Rentals. Please note that trucks and trailers do not fall under the ProRPP program.

        Damaged as a result of motor vehicle collisions will not be covered under the Herc Truck and Trailer RPP program.

        Covered Not Covered
        Cracked windshield On the road motor vehicle collisions
        Accidental job site incidents  
        Damage from decal removal  
        *All truck and trailer RPP claims need to have a claim form complete and provided to Herc Rentals for review.
        *On approved Truck and Trailer RPP claims customers are responsible for 10% of the repair or replacement cost, or $500, whichever is less.
        *All passenger vehicles including passenger vans and SUVs are not eligible for ProRPP or Truck and Trailer Protection Plan.
        *In order to rent a truck from Herc Rentals, customers must have an established credit account setup or a non-credit truck renting account.

        ProRPP Brochure

        Need to report an incident?

        Download a claim form or submit a claim online using the links below: