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        Lien Release

        Information and Procedures

        You may request a lien release for any jobsite where Herc Rentals Inc. supplied equipment. For your convenience, you may submit a request online using the link to the right. You may also use the pdf attachment below and submit either by email or facsimile. All release requests will be processed in the order they are received.

        Lien Release Request Information & Additional Details

        Payment Information

        Please allow 7 to 10 business days for your payment to be processed before requesting a Lien Release based upon the payment. If you are sending payments by regular mail or overnight courier please send them to their respective address:

        Regular Mail

        Herc Rentals Inc.

        P.O. Box 936257

        Atlanta, GA 31193


        Overnight Payments

        Herc Rentals Inc.

        Lockbox Service 936257

        3585 Atlanta Ave

        Hapeville, GA 30354


        Please note, mailing a Lien Release Request with your payment may delay your request being processed.

        Types of Lien Releases

        There are generally four types of Lien Releases available. The descriptions and requirements for each are identified below:

        Unconditional Final

        All equipment for the project must be returned and all related invoices must be paid in full.

        Conditional Final

        All Equipment associated with the project must be returned and all invoices pertaining to the project must be billed to the account. If unbilled invoices exist or equipment is still on rent, a conditional release will be issued instead.

        Unconditional Progress

        All invoices must be billed and paid through the Date Requested. (Example: If Progress Through Date is 12/31/XX, then all invoices must be billed and paid on project through 12/31/XX). If there are unpaid invoices, modifications may be necessary. Releases for a Future Through Date will not be issued.

        Conditional Progress

        Release will provide the current balance due for the Progress Through Date requested. When issued, the Lien Release will only identify payments that have cleared our bank.


        Lien Release requests are processed in the order they are received. Please keep a copy of the completed Lien Release request for your records.

        If we are unable to complete the Lien Release Request, you will be notified by email or telephone. Additional information such as NTO or previous releases referencing the project might be required to complete the request. A digital copy will be provided for all completed requests. This will serve as an original release otherwise requested.

        Lien Release Contact Information

        For Lien Release Requests and Assistance please email: [email protected]